How to Sketch


To become an artist illustrator is a long process. It will take time to master it. First you have a passion to this profession and are enjoying to do it.
I was  5 years old when I got interested in drawing, I was not enrolled yet, but fond drawings on pavements, walls and even in the sidewalks using chalks or anything stuff that could use in writing .
When I went to school as a first grader, I was on 7 years old then, my teacher saw my talent when I always sketching to my notebooks. Sometimes my other teachers from other subjects scolded me for not writing a lesson instead my notebooks were full of drawings.

My interest in drawings became part of my daily activities specially on my high school days I got interested in drawing human figures, everything I saw and imagined I sketch and draw using different mediums.  There's no internet yet at that time. I was always in Library  searching for the Arts and Artists books. I was so impressed with the works of the masters like Michael Angelo, Leonardo Davinci and Raphael.

And the rest is history...

Here are some books that you could improve and master your desire as an artist / illustrator. This will help you much to improve your drawing even you don't know how to draw. The important is you have a goal to  draw and have passion on it.You must start drawing of circles, lines, square and everything you can see. This is important to the beginners and it will help you to be able to familiar with every lines. even it is a curve , crooked or straight lines. You can try also reading books in basic drawings, watching Youtube's videos.

But if you can afford to buy Ebooks online here is some I can recommend to you as a beginners. It will help you a lot to improve your sketches and drawings.

You can try this book How to Sketch   

But if you know about the basic and want to improve more about your passion you can try some books that will enrich your talent like How to Draw Realistic Portraits in just 4 Weeks or in a month.
This book can view also in your mobile to master your desire as professional artist.

Again here is the book How to Draw Realistic Portraits in just 4 Weeks. Try it if you want to improve more your drawings and be recognize by other artists as well as to have more costumers if you prefer a full time artist illustrator.

In figurative drawings you can draw even without  model by constant practice the way I do. I can draw without model in any position by technique. Here are some tips that could improve your drawings of people or figures
perfectly. You can view this in your mobile phone so you can perfect it everyday. How to Draw People and Figures Perfectly Without a Model.

Thanks for reading and I know you will improve your drawings by trying those books step by step to reach your goal of being professional artist/ illustrator.

Good luck!


To aspiring artists..Here are your chance to explore your talent. By creating free site like Weebly you can post your drawings with an auto uploader of this site. It' easy to do, just follow the video. You can post how many as you want and you can track them in the stat page if how many visitors everyday you have. Having a website even it's free is a big help to show your works to the world or to the clients that are interested your style and hire you. You can post your free site to any freelancers site. with the given URL of Weebly.

You can sell your art works from your created website or you can join ArtWanted. It's free too. In this site you can sell as many arts in any categories...pencil, paint, acrylic or any medium of your art works.
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